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Yuquan Wang

CEO & Founder

Yuquan Wang, Founder and CEO of FutureTech Capital, is a New York-based investor on cutting-edge technologies and a well-known speaker and writer on global technology trends.

Being frequently cited by Chinese tech media, Yuquan is now an influencer on technological ecosystem development in territorial economy. As a faithful supporter of global collaboration, especially collaboration between US and China, he is helping the US companies he invested to gain accelerated growth by involving Chinese resources.

Before his career as an investor, Yuquan spent nearly 20 years in consulting. He was the founder and first Chairman of the China subsidiary of Frost & Sullivan, a Silicon Valley based international consulting firm on corporate growth strategy. His clients include China Mobile, China Resources, CSPC Pharma etc. Prior to founding Frost & Sullivan China, Yuquan founded Consultech a market consulting firm in 1995, which was subsequently acquired by Omnicom. Group.


Ying Shan

Executive Director

Ying Shan, Executive Director at FutureTech Capital. With an extensive professional history spanning AI, digital media, and technology integration, Ying has consistently showcased his prowess in bridging the divide between technology and business requisites.

Preceding his current position, he served as the Product Director at, a machine-learning company that provides deep natural language understanding services for conversation-styled applications. Concurrently, Ying was an Industry Analyst at Synced, specializing in NLP and Voice User interface. In the early stages of his career, Ying co-founded eatTO Technology Inc., he also worked as a Digital Media Specialist at McMaster University.

Ying holds a Master of Science in Computer Science from Bristol University and a Bachelor of Arts with a dual major in Economics & Multimedia from McMaster University.

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